Purify Theme for Tumblr

Purify Theme is a new theme available for Tumblr.

Purify’s main features are a fantastic grid layout that responds to the browser size. You can also filter your posts by type and by tag, giving your site’s users an awesome experience.

As well as that, the theme supports many appearance options meaning you can make it any colour you like. Permalink posts also support large vimeo, youtube embeds and large photos.

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Purify Theme Update: Fonts and more customize options

Purify Theme has just received it’s biggest update yet. Here’s what’s in store:

Custom fonts including Typekit

Purify theme now lets you choose your own custom fonts for titles, post text and secondary text (the text used for the sidebar / meta data etc). If you want to get really fancy you can even include integration with Typekit.

If you find using custom fonts may prove difficult with the font size being quite small, there’s no need to fear, as you can also choose to use a large font size for titles, posts and secondary text as well. If you’re really crazy you can even choose to have an ‘extra large’ font size for titles. 

Homepage posts can now be 400px wide

Purify’s default post size on index pages is 250px. However with this update you can now choose to have your posts display at 400px wide.

Option to have a wider sidebar at 300px wide

Got more tags than Macy’s? Then maybe you’ll be glad to hear you can choose to have your sidebar display at 300px wide. This gives more room for tags and also displays navigation links horizontally instead of vertically. As well as that, your own sidebar logo will display bigger too. 

Option for larger social icons

Purify theme’s default icons were designed so that multiple would fit in the small sidebar. However if you’re only using a few social icons, or want to use the larger sidebar option, then it’s obvious that you’ll also want to have larger social icons!

Copyright in sidebar

Sidebar now displays a copyright with a label you can customize yourself.

Smaller stuff

Whilst the main theme of this update has been “big”. A lot of smaller enhancements have been made such as CSS3 transitions for all transparent link hovers, support for Clicky stats and more customization options. 

Special thanks to @marxamus and @adnrw for helping out with testing and update ideas.

Purify Theme Update: Tags with Permalinks

Purify Theme has just been updated and now includes a new option: to use tags that link to permalink pages. In this update, you can now choose to have tags that link to permalink pages instead (e.g. “design” will link to “blogname.tumblr.com/tagged/design). This means that although it won’t perform the fading in / fading out filtering animations, it will load ALL items under that tag as a new page. The maximum amount of tags that will load is 25 and they will be sorted by popularity.

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A Type of Joke

  • Barrison: So Times New Roman walked into a bar, shot Helvetica and then said "There's a new serif in town."
  • Bubs: Oh dear, that's just awful. How about this: Two fonts walk into a bar and ask for a drink. The barman says "Sorry, we don't serve your type."
  • Barrison: That's even worse!

The Bank Robbery

by Giraffe Incognito

Giraffe Incognito - The Bank Robbery

Album artwork is based off Edward Hopper’s famous nighthawks painting.

I Met the Walrus


An image bookmarking website. Heaps of great inspiration from all mediums to be found here.

A Sample Text Post

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"For every new feature we add, we take an old one out. The drive to innovate can overencumber and destroy a product. My goal is to keep Tumblr very focused."
- David Karp

Splitscreen: A Love Story 

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."
- Albert Einstein
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